Tornado VPN Pro v13.69

Tornado VPN - Free VPN Proxy For Android
100% free Proxy! Free Proxy clients for android.

★ Tornado VPN - Free Proxy VPN Highlight:
- Non username Non password Non registration.
- No credit card needed.
- Different locations to proxy your favorite sites.

★ Security - Protect Privacy and Security
- NO LOGS! That means that you're absolutely anonymous and protected while using our app.
- Protect your network traffic under public WiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.
- Protect data privacy personal information security and internet security while VPN Robot is on.
- Enjoy private browsing.

Contact Tornado VPN – Free VPN & Secure VPN
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to reach us on support

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* Screenshots and description may differ from app. Also the app may not work well for a specific country and everyone at anytime!

* Please Note: You can Try or Choose The Type Of Connection in the Settings of the app to access better connection.

* Please Note: The app may take a bit of time for processing so you may wait a while in the app to loading app and connecting to the servers.

* Please Note: The app have banner ads when loading the app and main screen and also have display ads after connecting to the servers and moreover perhaps elsewhere in the app.

* Please Note: The app is not complete and may have problems or bugs also the app and or connections may not work well for everyone; So I apologize for any inconvenience.

* Please Note: We may not be able to respond to some emails and comments.

* Please Note: Connections are shared with all users. So you may experience a drop in speed.

* Please Note: All servers and locations may not work and may not be available.

* Please Note: Maybe in the upcoming updates the application will experiment appearance and functional changes please consider this at any time before and after the purchase.

* You can copy the text of the description and translate into your local language.

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